Need Feedback?

Writing is often a solitary business, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Have a script, book or article that’s not working or that could work better? I can help. I can also work with you to get your outline or treatment to the point where you can begin writing your manuscript. While it may cost slightly more than a penny for my thoughts, for a reasonable rate I’ll provide detailed feedback to help you get your writing on track.

My Services

With plays and screenplays, you’ll get my handwritten notes in the body of your script (my reactions as I read), as well as a 50-minute (on a full-length work) phone/Skype conference (feel free to record it) about the major issues for you to consider as you work on your material. I’ve found a voice conference to be the most useful way to help you hone your writing, as it’s interactive, offering not only the opportunity to talk through your script, identify potential problems and consider solutions, but for you to ask questions as needed in real time.

My Philosophy

Many writing consultants advertise that they “know what sells.” No one knows that. So why hire me then? Because in the absence of some magic key that unlocks the market, your goal should be to create great writing. My goal as a consultant is to help you do just that. But for me, the important thing is that what you write is the best version of what you want to write, not what I would have written or what I wish you wrote. To that end, rather than give you narrow prescriptions about “the way I would do it,” I try to ask questions and make comments that empower YOU to come up with the answers that are right for your work.