Testimonials & Success Stories

What I love about having Jon as a resource is that he can help me technically or dramaturgically with equal proficiency. When I’m writing, I run into moments where I need help with a software or keystroke question as often as I need some advice with structural issues. In both cases, Jon has given me new strategies, approaches and techniques that have helped me push my writing to a whole new level. I highly recommend his services!

co-founder of the internationally renowned Blue Man Group

Congratulations to Denver Coleman, PhD, who writes the “Dr. Denver” column for Marin Extraordinary Living magazine.

Jon Dorf helped me in a number of significant ways. As a playwright, he helped me revise my “submission packet” and also to draw up an appropriate list of theaters around the country that suited my play. I got a number of requests — so obviously he chose well! Jon also edited my entire book manuscript and submitted it for me to an Internet Publishing Company (I.Universe.). His editing job was so precise that my book got very high marks in that department, which helped qualify it for “publisher’s choice.” Jon’s a real find — and as talented as he is, I don’t know how long he will be available to do this kind of work, and anyone who gets the opportunity to get his input should consider it a lucky break. He is brilliant, thorough — as compulsive about getting every detail right about your work as he must be about his own — knowledgeable, creative, punctual and professional. It’s been a pleasure working with him — and I must admit, I selfishly hope to engage him as a consultant on my projects for as long as possible!

Los Angeles, CA

I thought my script was almost done. However, I am thrilled that with your help, my script is going to be far superior than it was. I have rolled up my sleeves, and am studying your every ink mark with great care. I can’t thank you enough for your attention to even the smallest details. Obviously, you are passionate about your art.

Mammoth Lakes, CA

Finding Jon’s website was a stroke of luck for me. As a first-timer at professional writing, I have found Jon’s guidance, wisdom, reality checks and encouragement to be invaluable. His no-nonsense style and ability to tell it like it is (without irreparably damaging a “creative’s” ego!) is just what a struggling playwright needs. If you are reading these comments, then you have obviously found your way to Jon’s website. That makes today your lucky day.

Atlanta, GA

Some years ago, Jon was my valued, highly regarded student in Playwriting at UCLA, but in the years since, I’ve come to recognize him as a genuine colleague.  His ability to analyse scripts in detail and to work with playwrights with excruciating attention to every detail of a script is extraordinary; and the advice he can offer writers on their work is invaluable not only for the script at hand but for the further development of the writer as a professional.  Jon has the genuine quality of a mentor, someone whom a novice as well as an experienced writer can trust to be supportive, exacting, and genuinely nurturing of talent.  That, and his knowledge of the practical business of going about getting scripts read and accepted makes him about as terrific a resource as a writer is likely to find.  I have enormous admiration for the care with which he does his mentoring, for his solid knowledge of playwriting technique, and for his thorough professionalism.

David G. Frey Distinguished Professor of Dramatic Art at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, as well as former Co-Chair of Dramaturgy at the Yale School of Drama

Even though I’ve been a professional playwright for 25 years there are times when a script needs a good outside eye, and Jon’s notes and suggestions on my new play were the most insightful and practical of any notes I received.  I’d recommend Jon highly as a consultant.,

author of I'll Be Back Before Midnight, acclaimed as the most produced Canadian play in history, and creator of Great Dialogue software

Thank you for reading and providing notes for my play A Dying Wish. They are the best and most detailed notes I have received on my work.

Seattle, WA

Congratulations to Mark Arament, whose screenplay Death Valley Homecoming was named a semifinalist in the Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship competition!

Congratulations to Jon Denn, whose play Holier Ground was one of the winners of the prestigious TADA annual one-act playwriting competition, as well as a finalist and semifinalist in numerous other competitions across the United States. It was subsequently published by Playscripts!